Botanical Products

Our organic botanical teeth whitening system is so simple, you can do it in the privacy of your home. The product was developed by Sandra Senzon, RDH, and is a natural teeth whitening system made from healthy organic botanicals without the harsh chemicals in other teeth whitening systems.

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The Tooth Spa

At the Tooth Spa, we have a different approach to tooth and gum treatment. Conventional dentistry uses surgery to remove inflamed gum tissue. We work with your body to bring your whole mouth back into natural balance.

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The Tooth Fairy Show is the website and TV show by registered dental hygienist, Sandra Senzon R. D. H. Her success stems from working with her patients as a dental hygienist, with the use of Botanicals.

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Books by Sandra Senzon, R.D.H.

Review the books by Sandra Senzon, R.D.H., including links to where they can be purchased.

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School Curriculum

Take the course on natural ingredients in dentistry and how to have a gree dental office.

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TV Show

The Tooth Fairy Show is an Educational Show on Manhattan Cable Produced and directed by Sandra Senzon R.D.H.

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For Children

Play educational and fun games at, our website created just for children.

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Tooth Fairy Tips

Foods to Choose and Foods to Lose for Healthy Teeth and Gums. While you have been visiting dentists since childhood, by now your teeth have been drilled and filled multiple times to prevent the spread of decay. Read this article to learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid for healthy teeth and gums.

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Diet in Dental Hygiene

This missing link to prevention and treatment of gum disease is almost always ignored and is poor nutrition. Read this article to learn about the vitamins and minerals that affect oral health.

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